The New Forest

A World Capital for Wildlife

Located at the southern centre of England and hugging the Hampshire coastline. The Forest sits between the UK’s largest coastal resort Bournemouth and the maritime city of Southampton, this ancient region thrives with enchanting forest and unique wildlife.

The New Forest was voted the top national park in Europe in the Travellers Choice awards 2021.

10,000 Acres


With over 10,000 hectares of lowland Heathland it is
the largest remaining area in Western Europe, and
has the largest concentration of ancient trees and
bog lands. Roaming the forest are five species of
deer, along with boar, horses and donkeys.

The sounds of bird life is everywhere, with nightjar
and woodlark nesting in the Heathland, and in
the bog-lands and mires rare species thrive
including 2700 species of fungi.


It’s not new…


The New Forest is one of the oldest in the United
Kingdom, and is known for its cultural diversity
and people.

A place now preserved as a national park where
the land and wildlife is protected by its habitants
for future generations.


Ask for recommendations


Our concierge will guide you on all that this wild
and beautiful forest has to offer. Quiet coastline to
bustling villages, historic houses and heritage
museum, you won’t be disappointed on your
visit to this magical region.

Close by are many scenic cycling and walking
routes for you to slip away from the world. There is
no better place to travel to and enjoy the wonders
of nature and a sustainable holiday within nature


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